Rockhampton Regional Council consists of the Mayor and 7 Councillors who each represent separate divisions from within the Region. All voters within the Rockhampton Region elect the Mayor.

To view their profiles or contact(PDF, 548KB) a Councillor please click on their tile at the bottom of this page.

Council Divisions Post De-amalgamation

Rockhampton Regional Council divisions impacted by de-amalgamation (Divisions 1 – 3) have been equally shared by all remaining Councillors for the remainder of the current Council term as per Regulation 60 Local Government (De-amalgamation Implementation) Regulation 2013.

Councillor Related Policies and Procedures

The below documents relates to provisions for the Mayor and Councillors:

Complaint Management Policy(PDF, 144KB)  
Councillor and Employee Contact with Lobbyists, Developers and Submitters Policy(PDF, 66KB)
Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 105KB)
Drug and Alcohol Procedure (Councillors)(PDF, 73KB)
Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors Policy(PDF, 280KB)
Guidelines for Councillor Requests for Information Policy(PDF, 62KB)