Startup Club

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Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to supporting our Region’s entrepreneurs and business owners and Council is pleased to introduce the Startup Club. For startups and existing businesses alike, Startup Club is designed to assist our Region’s entrepreneurs in starting and growing successful businesses.

Lean Launchpad Program

During 2017, Startup Club will run a practical program for Startup Club members. The program is perfect for:

  • Businesses already in operation that desire to bring to market a new product or service; and 

  • Startup teams proposing a completely new business venture with no existing customers.

The educational events that Startup Club members will have access to will be facilitated by Lean Launch expert Bill McKeague.

Bill has experience working alongside CSIRO, universities, enterprises and startups as a facilitator of Lean Launchpad Programs. He has an engineering background and has also previously worked on business development and technology with companies such as Automated Mining, Mine Sense Technology, Optus and Mercury Communications.

The Lean Launchpad approach Bill brings to the Startup Club was developed and is currently taught at Stanford and Berkley universities and provides real-world, hands-on learning about what it is like to plan and design a business or new product or service for launch in today’s competitive world. Mr McKeague learnt the Lean Launchpad approach at Berkley University. Through this practical program members will connect with customers, partners, and competitors as they gain experience in building a business model that best complements their product or service. 

This program will teach members how to communicate with customers to discover what they want to buy, how to create a minimal viable product or service to test customers’ feedback, and how to apply feedback to innovate their business model to maximise commercial impact and ensures a sustainable business 

Members will also be added to a Facebook group wherein handy tips and relevant event information will be shared.

Program Details 

Duration: 7 Week Program
Dates: June – August 2017
Facilitated by: Bill McKeague
Venue: Smart Hub, 212 Quay Street, Rockhampton
Cost: $50

Core entrepreneurial skills taught:
1. How to do customer discovery
2. How to create a minimal viable product to test your idea and gain valuable customer feedback
3. How to take what you have learnt and deliberately innovate your business model and business offering. 

How to become a Startup Club Member

1. Register for an information session via these links: 16 May24 May1 June 
2. Complete the relevant application form – Startup Club (Existing Business) Application Form or Startup Club (Startup Idea) Form 
3. Email the completed form to Smart Hub Manager Elize Hattin at  

For more information please call 07 4932 9000 or email