Development, Building and Plumbing Forms

Building Approval Amendment Request Form(PDF, 129KB)
Building Approval List Subscription Request Form(PDF, 120KB)
Concurrence Application Form(PDF, 345KB) 
Development Incentives Policy Application Form(PDF, 162KB)
Development Proposal Prelodgement Meeting Request Form(PDF, 136KB)
Temporary Home Permit Application Form(PDF, 172KB)


Non-Council Forms


The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 IDAS (Integrated Development Assessment System) Application Forms provided be used for all applications.
Form 1 is required for both Building Applications, Change of Class and Concurrence Applications
Form 2 is only required for Building Applications.

Use the Property Search Form on the General Customer Forms page for Pool Safety Certificate Request


The approved plumbers and drainers forms for all plumbing applications are provided on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

Form 1 is required for all Plumbing Applications
Form 3 is required for Verification of Covered Work
Form 7 is required for Notification of Responsible Person.