Council Elections

2016 Council Electoral results

The Mayoral election results can be found here.

The Councillor election results can be found here

Divisional Boundary Maps

The Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) has now determined the final boundaries for Rockhampton Regional Council divisions. Click the below links to view the divisional maps or click here to view the interactive divisional map .

Rockhampton Regional Council

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7

Potential Candidates

For information on promotional election signage click here(PDF, 55KB). Council reserves the right to remove any political campaign content that is published to Council's Social Media sites.

Local Government Elections

Local government elections are held every four years in Queensland. The next local government elections will be held on March 19, 2016.

Rockhampton Regional Council divisions impacted by de-amalgamation (Divisions 1 – 3) have been equally shared by all remaining Councillors for the remainder of the current Council term as per Regulation 60 Local Government (De-amalgamation Implementation) Regulation 2013.

In the Rockhampton Region, voters elect one Mayor, and vote for a Councillor to represent the Division in which they live. There are seven Divisions in the Rockhampton Region.

The current elected members for Rockhampton Regional Council are as follows:

Mayor Margaret Strelow
Division 4 - Councillor Ellen Smith
Division 5 - Councillor Cherie Rutherford
Division 6 - Councillor Greg Belz
Division 7 - Councillor Stephen Schwarten
Division 8 - Councillor Tony Williams
Division 9 - Councillor Rose Swadling
Division 10 - Councillor Neil Fisher

All Councillors were sworn in at the Declaration of Office ceremony on Tuesday 22 May 2012. 

For more information or to enrol to vote please visit the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) website

Local Government in Queensland

Local governments in Queensland are guided by the Local Government Act 2009 which came into operation from 1 July 2010. The State Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP) oversee this legislation. For more information please visit the DIP website