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Your-Community-Your-Career-Header.jpgRockhampton Regional Council is the 9th largest Council in Queensland and offers it's staff a balance of challenging roles and work/life balance. With more than 800 staff, Council offers a wide range of positions in a number of diverse career areas. The below gives you an overview of the types of jobs available at Rockhampton Regional Council.

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There are a range of administration positions located across all units of Council’s business. From marketing to IT – get involved in the day to day operations of Council.


Rockhampton Airport employs a range of professional, technical, clerical, operational and administrative staff that are responsible for the management and operation of the Airport.

Community Development

Tasked with the goal to make the Region the most liveable in the world – community development means running libraries, supporting families and seniors in the community, engage the community in future planning and more.

Community Facilities

Be involved in the management and operation of community facilities such as Venues and Events, the Heritage Village, and community cemeteries. 

Corporate Governance and Planning

Be responsible for the development and maintenance of legislatively compliant performance planning and management frameworks that are fully integrated into Council's management and operational strategies, ensuring a performance-based organisation.

Customer Service

Be the face of Rockhampton Regional Council by working in the Customer Service unit. Responsible for being the single point of contact, get involved with residents either face to face, via phone or email.

Local Laws

If you are firm, fair and friendly and have great customer service skills – we want you! Council’s Local Laws Section is responsible for administering and reporting on compliance issues in line with Local and State legislation. This unit calls for people who have great people skills and who can work in a professional, efficient and confidential manner.

Finance and Accounting

Council has a strong finance and accounting unit who is responsible for the management, planning and reporting of Council’s organisational financial management.

Human Resources, Training, Safety and Payroll

Workforce and Strategy is a specialist group that combines, Human Resources, Training, Safety and Payroll.  This unit provides specialist advice, support and training to Management and staff and is focused on innovation and change.

Information Technology

Responsible for the planning and support of the organisations Information Technology needs, the IT teams have a range of specialty positions available.


Be the community's eyes and ears on Council matters… Marketing not only covers communication with residents and ratepayers, it also organises events, signage, promotions, submissions and more. 

Parks and Recreation

Get involved in the management, planning and maintenance of the Region’s parks, gardens and recreation facilities. Or help Kickstart CQ by planning and implementing a range of health and wellbeing activities within the Region.


Responsible for the future planning of the Region, the planning team within Council address planning across a range of fields such as strategic planning, land use, building compliance, development assessment and natural resource management.

Roads and Infrastructure

Council maintains a thousands of kilometers of roads throughout the Rockhampton Region both rural and residential. 

Trades and Mechanical

Do you have a trade or are mechanically minded? Council relies on the trades and mechanical positions to maintain and support Council’s large fleet of cars, trucks, machinery and equipment. 

Venues and Events

Organise key civic events and community celebrations as well as sourcing and producing a wide range of high quality theatrical companies or get involved in producing an annual musical, designed to give locals first hand professional performing arts experience.

Water & Sewerage

Fitzroy River Water is a business unit of Council and manages the network, process, treatment and maintenance infrastructure and water and sewerage systems throughout the Rockhampton Region. 

For a list of current Council vacancies, visit the Job Search page on this website, or call 4936 8352.

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